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The work of the historical commission to date has shown that "the old suspicions of the Jesuits are totally unfounded," Centi told La Stampa.
It provides insight into the latest developments in the industry from a wide range of companies, including Amann, A&E (American & Efird), AMF Reece, Barudan, Centi, Coats, Diffus, Drkopp Adler, Epilog, Expert Systemtechnik, Fabric King, Fast React Systems, Gerber, GF Garmenttec, GSD, Gtermann, Human Solutions, Jam International, Juki, Kansai Sewing Machinery, Kinoshita, Lectra, Mauser Spezial, Pfaff, Queen Light, Sensing Tex, SunStar, Tajima, Teseo, TopCut-Bullmer, Tukatech, Xi'an Typical Industries and ZSK.
It is available with the company's Dura Centi, Dura Deci, and Dura Hecto nozzles in all standard lengths and gate configurations, and it can be run with any type of resin.
It now includes five nozzle families of different shot-weight ranges (Femto, Pico, Deci, Centi, and Hecto), 15 gate configurations, and manifolds for two to 16 drops (up to 128 with bridging).