central chimney

centrally located chimney, central chimney

An interior chimney, often massive in size, located near the middle of a house, to provide heat for the entire house during the winter.
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They were walking past the house of the old Patroon, with its squat walls and small square windows compactly grouped about a central chimney.
Crossing this dusky entry, and on through yon low-arched way --cut through what in old times must have been a great central chimney with fire-places all round --you enter the public room.
At 34'2" x 17'8", this space was once two rooms and is now a single room that is divided by a central chimney with fireplaces either side.
The formal dining room is divided into two by a central chimney with mahogany fireplaces either side.
The first room you arrive at is the fabulous lounge/diner, set around a central chimney breast," the advert says.
It adds: "The dwelling suffered an arson attack on Monday, December 22, which caused extensive damage to the roof structure extending from the west gable end up to the line of the central chimney stack.
In addition there is a lovely timber hexagonal BBQ hut with seating area to five sides, with central chimney and open fire cooking area.
This quirky 200-year-old house will drive you round the bend with excitement as its rooms are built around the central chimney.
The central chimney stack also looks more modern than the 1880s heralding a design feature that was copied nationwide in the semi-detached housing boom of the 1930s.
Total fireplace count: 14 Must-see hearth: Built in 1937 by Italian immigrant stonemasons, the central chimney is 98 feet high, with 6 hearths on 2 levels.
On the top floor there is a large living space, which takes up the whole of this level, which has exposed stonework, beams and a central chimney breast.
In the sitting room there is a central chimney breast with a fitting for a plasma television.

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