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centralized processing

Processing performed in one computer or in a cluster of coupled computers in a single location. Access to the computer is via "dumb terminals," which send only input and receive output or "smart terminals," which add screen formatting. All data processing is performed in the central computer.

Centralized processing evolved from the first computers in the 1950s, which were stand-alone with all input and output devices in the same room. Starting in the 1960s, terminals were added throughout a company's headquarters and branch offices, and each terminal was wired into the central machine, whether local or via a remote communications method.

The Terminals Became PCs
As personal computers and local area networks (LANs) proliferated in the 1980s and 1990s, terminals were replaced with PCs, which were made to function like a terminal with the addition of hardware and software. Users could run their own applications and still access the central computer as required (see terminal emulation).

By the 1990s, "client/server" architecture began to replace terminal access. Client PCs communicated with network servers via the local network rather than terminals hardwired to a central machine. Although there are still hardwired terminals in use, the predominant technology today is the local area network (LAN). See client/server.

Thin Clients
The terminal-based centralized architecture is hardly defunct. Harking back to the early days, options within Windows and Unix/Linux servers, as well as software from companies such as VMware and Citrix, enable applications to be run in network servers with the user's computer turned once again into a terminal. Now known as "thin client" computing rather than centralized processing, it is, however, the same concept (see thin client).

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It cloned Big Blue's central processing units through a third-party foreign manufacturer - thereby going head to head with its competitor.
The El Merk central processing facility will serve as a production hub for the region, processing hydrocarbons initially from Block 208, operated by Groupement Berkine, an Algerian entity that is co-managed by Sonatrach and Anadarko, and from the unitised EMK field located on a portion of both Block 208 and the Sonatrach/ConocoPhillips operated Block 405a.
It was one of the first facilities to use internet-based GDS access to deliver central processing for agent bookings.
This location will additionally house Justice by the People's central processing center for affiliates and franchisees.
At present, the gas produced from Jakrawan is treated at the nearby Funan central processing platform.
The no-frills version of model IV -- with three central processing unit boards--has the computing power of the well-known super-minicomputer VAX 11/780.
com) provides central processing and supply chain management services to hospitals and surgery centers across the United States.
As per the contract, the consortium will have to take up engineering, procurement, construction and installation of gas well pads, flowlines, pipelines along with a central processing plant with a capacity of 672 million cubic metres of gas per year.
In the Dutch sector of the North Sea, about 25 miles from Rotterdam, Amoco Netherlands Petroleum Company will begin operating a new central processing platform next month.
Construction and installation of gas well pads, flowlines, pipelines; a central processing plant (672 million cubic meters per year of gas) with gas treatmentfacilities such as acid gas removal as well as sulphur removal, and related infrastructure.
From graphic processor units (GPUs) to Cell to multi-core central processing units (CPUs), PeakStream enables developers to exponentially increase application performance and decrease time to solution.
It comprises engineering, procurement, construction and installation of gas well pads, flowlines, and pipelines along with a central processing plant with a capacity of 672 million cubic metres of gas a year.

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