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Labour's managerialism and centralist thinking are crippling the Welsh economy and leaving our public services languishing at the bottom of almost every league table," she wrote.
In the delightful series of short films entitled Love Gov produced by the Independent Institute, Scott "Gov" Govinsky, legal centralist par excellence, having dealt a series of death blows to his hapless girlfriend's business enterprise, responds to her anxious question "And if I follow all the rules and everything, do you think my business can still make a profit?
The 1973 and 1987 Constitutions did not substantially depart from this centralist unitary paradigm.
This is the context in which the 18th Amendment was brought about and even though it was a paradigm shift, resistance to the process of devolution has not ended mainly because the centralist mind set at the federal level believes that strong provinces would eventually weaken the state.
Josefina Zoraida Vazquez surveys the pronouncements led by centralist Mariano Paredes y Arrillaga in the 1840s and provides the only article that uses harsh words for a pronunciado; it declared Paredes guilty of "true treason" and stated that after he took power in 1846 "his irresponsibility was suicidal" (194, 199).
The CUP cadres--the next generation of centralist and Jacobin political elites--suffered a legitimacy crisis because they led the empire to its collapse.
s centralist tendencies and lack of real intent to resolve key issues between Baghdad and the Kurdistan Region goes back to Maliki?
A weak Kurdish position in the post-election Iraqi cabinet formation period will greatly dilute Kurdish goals of protecting the region against growing centralist policies and as well as the general development of the region.
It amounts to a culture of centralist contempt, and is naturally seen most obviously in the big things: local government's huge dependence on central funding, the centre's stranglehold on councils' housebuilding, planning, and indeed their total budgets.
This observation is not as wide of the mark as it might appear and should be seen in the context of the centralist nature of the SNP, so re-nationalisation is a likely outcome for all the utilities.
The revolutions of the "Arab Spring," and the implicit doubts about the centralist configurations of existing states they carry, if not about existing borders themselves, vindicated the Kurdish nationalist hypothesis - which is no longer vehemently nationalistic - against the Arab nationalist theory.
Nicholson is a great survivor, and part of the reason for this is that whatever politicians of all hues say about "light touch" leadership and the "post-bureaucratic era", the volatile world of NHS politics means they ultimately find the robust, centralist Nicholsonian style indispensable.