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About the procurement - purpose and objectives: chalmers currently has a relatively centralized organization with regard to scheduling, a scheduling that takes place in the form of different types of resources (objects) such as teachers, premises, equipment, etc.
In the world of business, there is more enthusiasm for what are described as private or "permissioned" blockchains, open to a controlled group of trusted and vetted users who either preserve and maintain the network collectively or use a centralized organization that oversees the entire system - making it bulletproof in terms of protection against tampering and fraud.
After a while those old relationships begin to fade, and the person needs a stint back in a centralized organization, where his/her fresh business and customer contacts will help him/her focus on relevant work, yet have the long-term focus and resources only available in the centralized organization.
ISLAMABAD -- The Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) has sought comments on Draft Centralized Organization Rules, 2016.
A path to victory over consolidating international terrorism requires a centralized organization of international security with the participation of the United States, Russia, China, India and the EU, Jeanclos said.
The WateReuse Research Foundation is an educational, non-profit public benefit corporation that serves as a centralized organization for the water and wastewater community to advance the science of water reuse, recycling, reclamation and desalination.
In particular, an integrated development environment can support both the customized and centralized organization of product architecture, as well as collaboration capabilities linking business units, IT and other functions.
A centralized organization facilitates ticket sales; companion tickets; special events for teens and special-interest programs.
Al-Qaeda is no longer a centralized organization plotting a variety of attacks on the United States.
The NYPD also became a more centralized organization, with commanders "enforcing authority.
EDMONTON, Alberta -- As independent pharmacies in western Canada find that a centralized organization can provide them with the support they need to make it easier to compete with large chains, Value Drug Mart provides these businesses with a variety of options.
Since 2000, SOI has gone from a centralized organization in Washington, D.

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