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Thus, Foucault contends that forms of power predicated on centrifugal circulations, or on allowing degrees of mobility and freedom, are far from antithetical to the problem of discipline--that is, the need to enclose, to survey the detail of bodies--for centripetal flows of knowledge.
The possibility of centripetal thinking within curriculum studies offers a new space where these different ideas can come together, argue, and yet still maintain independence of thought.
If you suddenly stopped the cup at the top of the circle and held it there, centripetal and centrifugal forces would be gone, and gravity would cause the ball to fall straight down.
The critic eagerly expands on this foundation in the second chapter, analyzing Rulfo's short stories "Nos han dado la tierra" and "El dia del derrumbe" to demonstrate how Rulfo uses bathos and catachresis in his formation of centripetal irony.
This centripetal tendency was in line with the nation state mentality of the pre-Justice and Development Party (AK Party) governments.
Both are, in a way, a return to features of the CdG, but the narrative coherence imposed by the hierarchy established between Perceval's biography and other knights' adventures shifts the balance in favor of the centripetal elements of the narrative.
Thanks to the repeated erasures and layerings of paint used to make up the final result, the composition took on the features of a landscape dominated by an immense tree, so large its branches extend beyond the boundaries of the frame, emphasizing their centripetal energy and profuse life.
Although the stamens typically emerge and mature in a nearly simultaneous manner throughout the family, certain taxa exhibit discernibly centripetal patterns of development while others exhibit discernibly centrifugal patterns (Table 1).
Aside from repressing centripetal socio-cultural forces, says Hefner, the religionization of Islam was also used as a bulwark against communism and to resist the wave of conversions to Christianity in the 1950s and 1960s.
The economic centripetal forces of a common market and a common currency have turned into centrifugal by the first major economic crisis that the eurozone encountered.
In his exposition of Newton's method, Harper traces the steps by which Newton argued from the phenomenon of orbital motion to centripetal forces and then to universal gravity.
Hence, a more complicated, but sensitive method considering the effects of centripetal forces, Coriolis forces and the inertia of the moving mass loads in a cracked beam is inevitable for predicting the more realistic behavior of the system.