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the officer commanding a Roman century



the commander of a century or maniple of the ancient Roman legion. Centurions were selected either from those foot soldiers who displayed the greatest valor and potential for leadership or from the equites. They received two to three times the salary of a common soldier.

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The affirmation of the ratings for Centurion Life reflects its continued strong risk-adjusted capital position and consistently positive statutory operating earnings, while the negative outlook reflects its diminished business profile.
Named after the American Express Centurion black card of the super-rich, it is finished in metallic carbon black with a polar white leather interior embossed with Centurion logos on the headrests.
By partnering with Wireless Valley and their powerful deployment and management products, LANPlanner(R) and SitePlanner(R), Centurion demonstrates its commitment to product and service excellence for in-building wireless system integrators and customers.
The Centurion served with the British Army for the first rime in May 1945, just before VE Day.
Schnall says Centurion Abstract will facilitate faster, more cost-efficient closings for NYMC customers.
Techno engineers selected the Centurion self-contained single axis stepper motor and I/O control system.
Centurion describes a hostile environment as "anywhere there is a potential threat to safety and security.
The centurion had sent a very peculiar message: "I did not think myself worthy to come unto thee.
The Centurion can bend all types of pipe with outside diameters between six and 20-inches.
NFL defensive lineman Calais Campbell of the Arizona Cardinals professional football franchise announced today that he has signed with Centurion Strategies, a high-level marketing, advertising and public relations firm.
23, 1987, the company leased to Centurion Mines Corp.
The balance of principal losses received from MGT is paid back from the SEQUILS-Centurion interest waterfall in the same or subsequent pay periods, and any remaining interest proceeds are used to fund the MINCS- Centurion interest waterfall.