ceratonia siliqua

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Use pliers to open seed pods to remove hard stone-like seeds, then grind up the pods into powder and mix in drinks as chocolate substitute, or simply chew the pods raw and spit out the seeds. Makes a great survival food. Tastes similar to chocolate, but with less fat and caffeine. Has mild binding properties so you don't go to the bathroom too much.
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honey of Kaliteus), Ceratonia siliqua (honey of Kharoub), Bupleurum spinosum (honey of Santase), Dittrichia viscosa (honey of Bayramane) or Globularia alypum (honey of Taslgha, very spicy taste).
The Ceratonia siliqua (Algarrobo tree, Carob tree) is an evergreen tree which belongs to the Fabaceae (pea) family.
Ceratonia siliqua se comercializa en presentaciones simples y en presentaciones compuestas, formando parte de diversos preparados fitoterapicos.
To assess self-compatibility of Ceratonia Siliqua pollen grains and to evaluate the role of insect pollinators in pod and seed set, the following treatments were conducted on Ceratonia Siliqua trees producing hermaphrodite flowers:
We observed that kermes oak growing in this environment is surrounded by trees such as such as Ceratonia siliqua L.
Companeras: Rumex induratus y Hyparrhenia hirta + en 1; Pinus pinaster + en 2; Chaetopogon fasciculatus + 4; Arbutus unedo + en 6; Daphne gnidium y Ceratonia siliqua + en 10; Digitalis purpurea en 11; Rubus ulmifolius 1 en 13; Ulex eriocladus y Cistuspopulifolius + en 14; Juncus maritimus +, Phragmites australis y Imperata cylindrical 1 en 15.
Open Forests of Ceratonia siliqua and Pistacia lentiscus
Caracteristicas: Rhamnus alaternus 2, Phillyrea angustifolia 1 en 1; Ceratonia siliqua 2 en 3; Aristolochia baetica 1 en 6.
For instance, trees such as pods and roots of Acacia tortilis are used to treat skin infections, allergic dermatomes, and as a vermifuge; Parkinsonia aculeata is used as an antipyretic and to treat diabetics; pods of Ceratonia siliqua are used as a laxative and have demulcent qualities.
INCI name: Aqua, glycerin, hydrolyzed ceratonia siliqua seed extract, zea mays starch, guar hydroxypropyltrimonium chloride, polyquaternium-7