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A joint, seam, or closure line where two structures unite.



in human and animal anatomy, a site of union or junction.

The commisura labiorum oris is the junction of the lips at the corners of the mouth. The anterior commissure of the cerebrum is the transverse bundle of nerve fibers that unites the corpora striata of the forebrain in the majority of vertebrates. The anterior commissure of the mantle, or the commissura fornicis, joins the hemispheres of the forebrain in dipnoans and terrestrial vertebrates—the basis of the corpus callosum in mammals.

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In Megalobulimus abbreviatus, the axonal terminals were located in all the analysed regions of the DB, while the small nerves were only found in the dorsomedial region of the DB, posterior to the cerebral commissure.
Staining for [Alpha]-CDCP-immunoreactivity was used to provide positive identification of CDC neurons and cerebral commissure in L.
The cerebral commissures of the telencephalon begin to form during the seventh week of gestation when a thickening of the lamina terminalis arises at the rostral end of the neural tube, becoming the lamina reuniens and the massa commissuralis.

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