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PhysicalMind Institute offers Pilates certification, books & videos.
In addition, some software vendors offer a type of technical certification regarding knowledge in the installation and use of their technology-based systems.
According to ACA standard PA-20-Mandatory for Watercraft Supervisor Qualifications--Youth, to supervise each watercraft activity, a staff member must hold one of the following: instructor rating in the appropriate craft from a nationally recognized body or lifeguard training from a nationally recognized certifying body or other acceptable certification or license, such as a rafting guide license.
The significance of the certification for teachers can be compared to the board certification process for physicians, Rodrigo said.
States conduct such checks now, but they tend to be compromised by the state's need to engage simultaneously in related certification paperwork.
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Over the past three decades, the literature has become replete with proposed coaching certification curricula and programs.
ISO certification is not given to products or companies.
A common complaint from foundries is that many system manuals prepared for certification include stifling amounts of red tape.
CCHIT's certification compliance criteria and its design for a certification inspection process have been thoroughly researched, taking into account the state of the art of EHRs and available standards, and comparing certification processes in other industries and other countries.
Their participation in the certification development process assures that this new credential will cover a solid foundation of technical skills for IT professionals working with these technologies.

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