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The following information technology certifications are described in this encyclopedia. See also aptitude tests.

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 Adobe products      ACE

 Auditing            CISA

 Document Imaging    CompTIA

 E-Commerce          EC-Council certification
 E-Commerce          CompTIA

 General             CCP

 Internet/intranet   CompTIA

 Linux               CompTIA

 Networking          CompTIA

 Printing            Xplor

 Project Mgt.        CompTIA

 Security            CISSP
 Security            CISM
 Security            CompTIA
 Security            GIAC
 Security            SSCP
 Security            OSCP

 Servers             CompTIA

 Service Tech        CompTIA

 Technical Trainer   CompTIA

 Webmaster           CIWVendor Products Cisco certification Microsoft certification Novell certification Sun certification


The process of evaluating the accuracy of the documentation on the eligibility of a property for listing on the National Register of Historic Places.


A declaration in writing that a particular product or service complies with a specification or stated criterion.


A certificate issued by a national aviation regulatory authority (e.g., FAA [Federal Aviation Administration]), stating that this type of aircraft meets all stipulated safety requirements. Certification also indicates that the air and ground crew meet all set qualifications.
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Essential to the certification concept is the philosophy that sustainable forestry and profitability are not only compatible, but mutually beneficial.
Many records managers believe that gaining certification demonstrates professional competency.
The ACA Lifeguard Qualifications standard PA-15A-Mandatory for swimming activities requires certification from a nationally recognized certifying body.
Debate rages over the merits of various pedagogical strategies, and even teacher educators and certification proponents have a hard time defining a clear set of concrete skills that makes for a good teacher, Yet most aspiring teachers are still forced to run a gauntlet of courses, requirements, and procedures created by accredited training programs that vary dramatically in quality.
Yet, IT certification has become a phenomenon that is challenging higher education.
Taxpayers who have been denied a claim of the targeted jobs credit or did not claim the credit due to lack of certification now have an opportunity to file refund claims.
A second argument for the certification of secondary school coaches is closely aligned with the legal argument.
Certification enables companies to differentiate themselves from noncertified competitors.
The certification period varies with company size, averaging 15 months for small companies and 18 months for larger ones.
Pilates Certification Training for qualified individuals: (650) 401-7777; www.
While the CCA was revamped from a suite-level certification to three separate tracks focusing on each of the products in the Citrix Access Suite (i.
The updated CompTIA A+ certification will continue to include two "high stakes" exams delivered as computer-based tests in a proctored environment.

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