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caesarean section:

see cesarean sectioncesarean section
, delivery of an infant by surgical removal from the uterus through an abdominal incision. The operation is of ancient origin: indeed, the name derives from the legend that Julius Caesar was born in this fashion. Until advancements in the late 19th cent.
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Caesarean section

surgical incision through the abdominal and uterine walls in order to deliver a baby
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Nationally, the average cost of a cesarean delivery is $7,826, or two-thirds more than a vaginal delivery.
Data Source: This was a randomized double-blind trial of 60 healthy women who had undergone a cesarean delivery.
Logistic regression analysis revealed that the odds of perinatal death among infants born to women with a history of cesarean section who did not intend to deliver by this method were more than 11 times those among infants born by a scheduled repeat cesarean delivery (odds ratio, 11.
And the clinical implications for that would be that analgesic regimens may need to be adapted in women undergoing a repeat cesarean delivery, and that we should tailor our postoperative analgesia based on whether it's a primary or repeat cesarean section.
In a univariate analysis, emergency cesarean delivery was associated with a significantly increased risk of adverse maternal outcome (odds ratio, 2.
Again, the numbers were similar for vaginal delivery without tear and cesarean delivery.
The women were randomized to planned cesarean delivery or vaginal delivery with cesarean only if indicated.
In particular, they continue, improving use of prenatal care and lowering the cesarean delivery rate could potentially reduce pregnancy-related mortality in the United States.
Wilkes PT et al, Risk factors for cesarean delivery at presentation of nulliparous patients in labor, Obstetrics & Gynecology, 2003, 102(6):1352-1357
On the other hand, 29% of hospitals performed fewer cesareans than expected--possibly, according to the analysts, in response to pressure from organizations that advocate lowered rates of cesarean delivery.
Maternal BMI in nulliparous women reaching the second stage is not associated with a higher incidence of cesarean delivery," according to the investigators (Obstet.
The limited change is concerning because up to two-thirds of women with a prior cesarean delivery are candidates for a trial of labor, and many of them are excellent candidates.