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caesarean section:

see cesarean sectioncesarean section
, delivery of an infant by surgical removal from the uterus through an abdominal incision. The operation is of ancient origin: indeed, the name derives from the legend that Julius Caesar was born in this fashion. Until advancements in the late 19th cent.
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Caesarean section

surgical incision through the abdominal and uterine walls in order to deliver a baby
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Belly Beautiful Workout Volume 2: Postnatal Fitness and Busy Mom Workout continues fitness instructor Patricia Friberg's excellent DVD series designed especially to help mothers stay in shape - including mothers who have given birth through cesarian section.
When Hare arrived at the hospital she found that the baby was in a breech position and called for "any obstetrician available" to perform a cesarian section.
As an example, look at the rates of Cesarian section deliveries, which have quadrupled in the last 20 years.
And those male foetuses which make it to term are more likely to suffer from excessive growth in the uterus, making delivery more difficult and leading to more cesarian section deliveries," said Glezerman.
She has named the babies, who will be born by Cesarian section, Faith and Hope.
Elective cesarian section increases by up to fourfold the risk of respiratory morbidity in babies delivered at 37-39 weeks of gestation, compared with babies delivered vaginally or by emergency C-section at the same gestational age.
After Shirley went into labor, Bud was almost lost: His heart rate plummeted below the range of the fetal heart monitor, and an emergency cesarian section was performed.
In the experiments, some young pigs were born naturally while others came into the world via cesarian section.