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About chainsaws The global population is growing at a steady rate.
Gaz began carving wood with a chainsaw when he was 10.
25pm and 4pm this afternoon we received reports from four pubs in Sunderland reporting a man with a baseball bat and what is believed to be a chainsaw making threats.
The standard includes specifications for a kickback-testing machine, the corresponding testing procedures, and a metric for quantifying the kickback tendency of a given chainsaw.
The sculpture was carved using four chainsaws of different sizes by Simon O'Rourke.
A short time later the rear window of the work van was found to be smashed with three Stihl orange and white coloured chainsaws stolen.
Last week, he posted a photo of himself pruning a small tree with a chainsaw at one of his properties.
45am on Sunday, May 5, thieves broke into a shed in Cresswell Road, Ellington, and stole a lawn mower, chainsaw, a blue Raleigh bike and a strimmer.
Drinkers fled in terror as Walsh waved the live chainsaw.
Yet it clicked, big style, with horror fans and Leatherface, the villain who rampaged through the terrors, armed with his chainsaw, became an iconic cinematic figure.
Contacts ANYONE who has suitable trees to be felled within reasonable travelling distance of the college should contact David James on 01495 333648, while further details about chainsaw courses can be obtained from the college's business unit on 01495 333575.
Severe storms and vandals with chainsaws have threatened the lives of several notable trees.