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The region at the base of the nucellus of an ovule; gives rise to the integuments.
(cell and molecular biology)
One of the paired, spiral, albuminous bands in a bird's egg that attach the yolk to the shell lining membrane at the ends of the egg.



the basal part of the ovule where the seed stalk attaches the ovule to the placenta.

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The raphe is large and expanded at the chalazal end of the seed, a hypostase is present, endosperm is apparently free nuclear (Biradar and Mahabale, 1976), and the cotyledons of the embryo are straight.
Capsella embryogenesis: the chalazal proliferating tissue.
structure, extent, and involvement of the chalazal region
the number of cell layers in the chalazal region and the free
Seeds without tails (0); seed with tails (expanded portion of testa at hilum and chalazal ends) (1) 85.
Fruit mostly a pair of ventrally dehiscent follicles (often only one due to abortion) (rarely a capsule), with small seeds with a micropylar coma, rarely with a chalazal coma or ecomose (fruits in Rauvolfioideae drupes, berries, follicles, or capsules; seeds usually ecomose, naked, winged, or arillate).