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chalky, chalked

Descriptive of the condition of a porcelain enameled surface that has lost its natural gloss and become powdery.
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Betfred's 7/1 chalked against a 1-0 away success has attracted considerable support, while the 12/1 available at Coral for the Sky Blues to record a 2-0 victory has proved equally popular.
London techie Matt Jones came up with a symbol that could be chalked on pavements and walls to identify a "hotspot" or place where wireless networks anyone could use to surf the Internet were accessible.
If you spot chalked symbols on your own or other homes call police on 101.
The two pre-season favourites, Craig Chalk and Josh Dinsdale chalked up a 2-1 win over Craig Chalk in their battle of pre-season favourites, as both looked to maintain their unbeaten starts.