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chalky, chalked

Descriptive of the condition of a porcelain enameled surface that has lost its natural gloss and become powdery.
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The absence of chalkiness and high translucency in the rice endosperm are quality characteristics associated with good grain appearance.
uk) is another well-known premier cru vineyard on the left bank and the wine shows crisp, invigorating green apple flavours underpinned with citrus, limey notes and a chalkiness on the long, mineral finish.
It had the right amount of creamy grassiness and chalkiness.
The first bite was an intoxicating mix of sesame, vanilla and chocolate with an initially crumbly texture that smoothed into a slight chalkiness that wasn't unappealing.
Body is rich with roasted malts, and a touch of gypsum that gives it a slight chalkiness," said Tom Conti.
The excitement factor is borne from a racy chalkiness and acidity that is like a pick me up.
There is something unique about the minerality, chalkiness and structure of a grande marque Champagne.
Investigating the roles of temperature and exercise in the development of chalkiness in Pacific halibut.
Improper hydration of powders can result in a number of defects in yogurt including lumpiness, chalkiness, and powdery off-flavors.
To remove the slight chalkiness that is sometimes found in flat finishes I used a soft rag to apply a very light coat of oil.