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chalky, chalked

Descriptive of the condition of a porcelain enameled surface that has lost its natural gloss and become powdery.
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The white, chalky material that was deposited on all the articular surfaces was a dramatic finding.
For ideas and inspiration on how to use Americana Decor Chalky Finish Paint, visit decoart.
TALENTED: Chalky Cliffs by Matthew Macauley (top), Abby Scobbie's Jigsaw (above left) and Lisa Denyer's Cause-Effect, on display at the Shuffle Show
After a fellow contestant read him the last rites a matter of weeks ago, Chalky used another of his nine lives to come back from the dead and steal a creditable third place.
Following the chalky and romantic trail of Goodbye Mr.
This specialty grade can provide 60[degrees] gloss less than 3%, and it undergoes relatively little appearance change after extended uv exposure and does not form a chalky residue on the surface like many weatherable acetals.
And, unlike many weatherable acetals, it does not form a chalky pigment residue on the component surface.
The medium of a gamble when runner-up to Droopys Chalky at this level last time out, Doreen Walsh's bitch can add to recent gains if putting her best paw forward.
org displays chalky intestinal forms rimmed in blood red against a periwinkle ground, a manifesto of all-American grotesquerie.
Ramona (not her real name) washes down three of the oval, chalky, off-white pain pills with coffee and closes her eyes.
The delayed-release version of Videx ("Videx EC") was developed in 2001 as an alternative to the original large and chalky Videx tablets.
Dungan, a garden designer, found the chalky soil so hard, she needed a jackhammer to break through it before getting started.