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chalky, chalked

Descriptive of the condition of a porcelain enameled surface that has lost its natural gloss and become powdery.
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An audience member said some people left after he defended Chalky - and many were shocked as the 64-year-old laughed off claims he hit third wife Alison Holloway.
IF soil fizzes when dropped in vinegar then it is too chalky, or has too much lime, for growing rhododendrons or ericaceous camellias.
The sticky situation left Chalky, seven, needing vets' treatment to gently prise open his locked jaws.
An example of top-down perception is when memory of chalky soils and fossils observed when visiting a vineyard could bias a taster to actually "taste" mineral characteristics in a wine from a particular vineyard just as color has been shown to bias us to smell red wine characters in white wines that have been colored red with odorless anthocyanin.
At the time of left total knee arthroplasty, with the exposure of knee, the findings were remarkable for the presence of a white, chalky paste that covered all articular surfaces (Figs.
You soldiered on, you never moaned 'til you fulfilled your quest so stand down Soldier Chalky Miles and receive your well earned rest.
This is an easy shrub that thrives even in shade and on chalky soils and while quietly attractive, it is the perfume from its tiny flowers which announces its presence far and wide.
Written by a world-class professional ski instructor, Chalky White's The 7 Secrets of Skiing: A Proven Systematic Route into the World of Advanced Skiing is a guide to improving one's performance on the snowy slopes.
com)-- DecoArt's new chalk paint program, Americana Decor Chalky Finish, was named a "Hot 20" innovative craft product by the Craft & Hobby Association (CHA) during the winter 2014 trade show.
They prefer a sunny situation in chalky ground, although they can be planted in any well-drained soil.
They prefer a sunny spot in chalky ground, but can be planted in any well-drained soil.