chamber tomb

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passage grave, chamber tomb

In prehistoric Europe, a chamber approached by a long passage, of megalithic construction, covered and protected by an artificial mound.
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Tomb typologies were pits, cist tombs, rock-cut tombs, chamber tombs, infant jar burials (only documented in Palestine), tumuli, ceramic coffins and shaft tombs.
In 1992 we returned to San Jose de Moro and excavated another deep chamber tomb, almost identical to the one found the previous year.
A second large chamber tomb, Tomb 2, discovered at Sipan in 1988 (Alva & Donnan 1993; Alva 1994), shows similarities to Tomb 1 in its general form and contents.
The author of this work takes a non-traditional approach to interpreting tomb architecture, the use of interior space, and grave goods by focusing on patterns of similarity among internments in the chamber tombs of Bronze Age Canaan.
Both articles refer to Cerveteri, the necropolis with streets and squares of seventh and sixth century BC chamber tombs.
The ruins date from at least 2800 BC through to intact buildings, courtyards, streets, chamber tombs and some thirty-seven cist graves which are thought to belong to the Mycenaean period (c.