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an official major competition in any sport, held among sports associations or within a specific region (raion, city, oblast, nation, continent, world), in which the team or player capturing first place is declared the champion. In certain instances, “championship” (chempionat) is distinguished from “first place” (pervenstvo). In football and hockey, for example, adults compete for the USSR championship, and junior-class athletes and sports clubs compete for first place.

The Russian term chempionat is also used at livestock fairs in determining the best specimens of a given breed.

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Junior 60cm Open Championship winner: Leah Harrison, Bowes Tokyo Drift Junior 80cm Open Championship winner: Chloe Bonney, Bowes Miami Tutti Frutti Junior 95cm Open Championship Winner: Jessie Brown, Bowes Semtex Junior 1.
EVENTS FOR THE DIARY: Ladies Open Strokeplay Championship (Vale Resort) May 4-5; Ladies Close Championship (Nefyn) May 19-21; Mens Open Strokeplay Championship (Royal Porthcawl) May 17-19; Welsh Seniors Championship (Aberdovey) June 11-13; Mens Handicap Team Finals (Celtic Manor) Aug 25; Welsh Amateur Championship (Ashburnham) July 30 - August 2.
Johnson can also win the championship by finishing 13th or better in the Miami race if he leads at least one lap.
The following week the Glamorgan's Ladies Championship will be at Southerndown with Anna Highgate defending her title and Glamorgan play South Wales PGA there on March 16.
Major championship events in sports ranging from Athletics (Track & Field), Skiing, Swimming, Gymnastics and Cycling to Volleyball, Karate and Taekwondo are featured online at www.
As a referee, McCarthy is known for announcing ``Let's get it on'' at the beginning of each Ultimate Fighting Championship match, and he's so much associated with the sport's eight-sided ring that he has been called ``The Octagon's Ninth Side.
June 16 - Bank of Ireland Ulster Senior Football Championship Semi-Final: Antrim/Derry v Donegal/Cavan/Down at TBA.
4) Grand Prize Finalists will be selected on/about 12/18/06 from among all eligible entries received & will be invited to attend the 2007 Tostitos BCS National Championship Game for the opportunity to participate in the Pick up the Tee Challenge currently scheduled for 1/7/07 to determine who will win the Grand Prize.
Just one, Newbury Park 119-pounder Keith Harvey in 1985, had won a state championship.
Now in its third year, the 2006 DCI World Championship Quarterfinals will feature the top 17 Division I drum corps performing in their entirety with highlight clips of the six corps that performed prior to the live simulcast.
His 6-under 66 earned him the individual title and led the Highlanders to the Central Coast Divisonal Championship.
To promote this unique event, the Deutsche Bank Championship will offer a special ticket combo package for fans to attend both the concert and the Deutsche Bank Championship.

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