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primarily that part of the church close to the altar and used by the officiating clergy. In the early churches it was separated from the nave by a low parapet or open railing (cancellus), its name being thus derived. San Clemente at Rome has one of the few preserved examples. With the development of the choir, additional space was taken, between the sanctuarysanctuary,
sacred place, especially the most sacred part of a sacred place. In ancient times and in the Middle Ages, a sanctuary served as asylum, a place of refuge for persons fleeing from violence or from the penalties of the law.
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 and the nave, for the accommodation of the canons and singers. The chancel rail was moved forward, and the entire space became known as the choir, although it is also termed the chancel; there is no strict differentiation in the usage. In the Middle Ages the chancel rail was replaced by lofty choir screens (see roodrood
, crucifix mounted above the entrance to the chancel and flanked by large figures of the Virgin and St. John, an almost invariable feature in the 14th- and 15th-century European church.
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), especially in English cathedrals and in monastic churches.


The part of a large church that is located beyond the transept, containing the altar and choir.


The sanctuary of a church, including the choir; reserved for the clergy.


the part of a church containing the altar, sanctuary, and choir, usually separated from the nave and transepts by a screen
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Margaret Hind, chair of West Moor Residents' Association, said: "We would like to thank Chancel Mbemba and Newcastle United FC for coming along to open our refurbished pitch.
Chancel Mbemba at one point even took over the role of playing Santa's helper, pushing the trolley laden with presents and footballs down the ward.
Lucas Chancel, general coordinator of the report, emphasised, "The fact that inequality trends vary so greatly among countries, even when countries share similar levels of development, highlights the important role of national policies in shaping inequality.
Bartholomew's Church, a protected structure, including the North Wall of Nave, The West Wall of Nave, the Vestry, the entire Tower, the renovation of the existing tower roof, the repair of the existing perimeter historic railings, a general mechanical and electrical upgrade of the Church, the re-arrangement of some of the timber pews and the provision of new loose furniture, the repair of the nave plaster, the repair and cleaning of the Chancel decorative scheme and the touch up repair and cleaning of the Nave and Transepts decorative scheme.
The church was enlarged in medieval times with a large nave and chancel, north and south aisles and a northwest tower with spire.
A stray backpass by Chancel Mbemba let Nikica Jelavic score for the Hammers.
The church now stands one fifth of its original size - the former chancel is now the present nave and the current chancel was added in 1607.
He will join Chancel Mbemba, Gini Wijnaldum, Aleksandar Mitrovic and Ivan Toney as the fifth signing of this window.
TAKE A CHANCEL NEWCASTLE have bought quality over quantity this summer.
They show the little spy hole Sanctus window, above the chancel arch, which allows bell ringers in the ringing chamber to look down into the chancel at the high altar so they can ring the bell at this critical point in the service.
Loyalists' March is a tune that appears in a book called Chancel Echoes Book 27.
It is not as if St Swithun's had been completely untouched: the chancel was enlivened by murals of trailing vines, palms and angels painted by Lydia Lawrence in 1900, a member of the Kyrle Society.