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, chancellory
1. the building or room occupied by a chancellor's office
2. the position, rank, or office of a chancellor
3. US
a. the residence or office of an embassy or legation
b. the office of a consulate

chancellery, chancellory

1.A chancellor’s office or a building containing one.
2. The official premises of a diplomatic envoy abroad.
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In 1997, thousands of Haitians were deported, despite complaints from private non-governmental organizations, including the Haitian Chancellory and the Catholic Church, that many of those repatriated were actually Haitians with proper documentation, or Dominicans accidentally mistaken as Haitians.
Their bodies were cremated in a bunker under the Chancellory building in Berlin
Less than a mile away in his bunker underneath the Reich Chancellory, Hitler shot himself at 3.
He even made it to Berlin and was the first person to enter Hitler's Chancellory where, amazingly, he discovered road maps of Newport and Ebbw Vale.
In other areas, Grossman noted that a preliminary settlement of a shareholder lawsuit brought against the company and certain of its officers, has been reached subject to the chancellory court of Delaware approval which is scheduled for March 1.
BERLIN -- German environmental watchdog group Okowatch urged German policymakers today to scrutinize Green NGO agendas in a protest in front of the Bundestag and Chancellory.
The three leaders dined at the Federal Chancellory on John Dory garnished with sardines on aubergine and courgette tartlets, followed by fillet of beef on truffled vegetables and baked potato fritters.
German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder, who joined officials in observing the silence outside of the chancellory in Berlin, has offered "full solidarity" with the United States and pledged that Germany would join in any allied response to the terrorist attacks.
Situated along a lush greenbelt and duck pond in the Chancellory Business Park and less than 10 miles from O'Hare International Airport and most of Chicago's western suburbs, the upscale, full-service hotel has completed a $3.
NOP also sold: four buildings located in an office park known as The Chancellory in Itasca, Ill.
City / State Project Name Square Footage(NRA) Cambridge, MA Riverfront Office Park 668,199 Greenwich, CT 55 Railroad Avenue 131,633 Houston, TX 1100 Louisiana 1,325,056 The Chancellory (four Itasca, IL buildings) 1,071,889 Norwalk, CT RiverPark 404,196 Pleasanton, CA Stoneridge Corporate Plaza 559,829 Redwood City, CA Woodside Technology Center 254,317 San Francisco, CA 505 Montgomery 346,482 601 California 250,586 50 Fremont 817,412 Seattle, WA IDX Tower at Fourth & Madison 845,533 1001 Pennsylvania Avenue 758,796 Washington, DC 1900 K Street 342,884