channel bar

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channel iron, channel bar

A rolled iron or steel bar whose U-shaped cross section is formed by a broad central section, called a web, with a flange on either side.
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user's NeoPlanet Channel bar on the browser's interface, site navigation
Puerto Rican members will see a customized channel bar when they log on, highlighting local content available on five customized channels: Noticias, Deportes, Entretenimiento, Guia Local and Internacional.
0 channel bar was marked by the development of technology business arrangements with such key entertainment players as Warner Bros.
Channels enable users to subscribe to sites of their choice and be notified by an icon in the channel bar when those sites are updated.
Its intuitive channel bar on the right-hand side links to mire than 800 of the top Web sites in just three clicks or less.
This will allow businesses who wish to utilize premier business channels, such as Newscast Today, to readily customize Internet Explorer to receive these channels, including placing the Newscast Today channel directly on the Channel Bar on the Internet Explorer Active Desktop.
the Channel Bar shipping with Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.
On the Active Desktop, users will find a channel bar offering
0 Channel Bar to deliver valuable and timely investing information right on the desktop.