channel iron

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channel iron

[′chan·əl ‚ī·ərn]
(design engineering)
A metal strip or beam with a U-shape.

channel iron, channel bar

A rolled iron or steel bar whose U-shaped cross section is formed by a broad central section, called a web, with a flange on either side.
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For holding hot flat stock like this I use tongs made by welding a 3" length of 2" wide channel iron to an old farrier's nail clincher.
Magnetite deposits are typically found in banded ironstone formations (BIFs) whereas Agbaja is one of only three known channel iron deposits (CID) to host potentially commercial magnetite.
A significant update to the Exploration Target for the Organization's tenements with Channel Iron Deposit prospectivity at Agbaja.
Considering Kogi Iron has drilled only 20% of the area prospective for channel iron mineralisation within EL12124 on the Agbaja Plateau, the potential scale of the iron mineralisation on the plateau should not be underestimated.
Drilling to date has established that the iron mineralisation within the channel iron deposits (CID) on the Agbaja Plateau is flat lying, relatively homogeneous and continuous within the mineralised channels.

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