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Usually, the study of a deterministic chaotically motion is done using several methods: time history, time series, phase space portrait, Poincare stroboscopic method, entropy, Liapunov exponents, power spectra, Melnikov method etc.
In the first year of menses, it's normal to have anovulatory or chaotically irregular cycles.
With the wiring inside his brain deteriorating rapidly, Illyan is soon lost within years of memories that resurface chaotically, the entire Imperial Security department is in an uproar, and Miles himself is a suspect in the attack on the memory chip due to his and Illyan's recent confrontation.
Those inundations, which occurred when a glacial lake burst through the edge of the ice sheet that constrained it, sculpted a chaotically eroded terrain in eastern Washington that geologists aptly call the Channeled Scablands.
Winner of the 2005 Nightboat Poetry Prize, Glean (the title refers to the gathering of grain after harvest) is an anthology of free verse (sometimes so free-verse that the words are chaotically arranged) poems by Missouri native and journal-published poet Joshua Kryah.
The most common type of arrhythmia is atrial fibrillation (AF), where muscles in the heart's upper chambers contract chaotically, leading to an ineffective, irregular heartbeat.
The event started chaotically, but, in the end, large numbers of people voted.
The best approach may be to first clean the trap chaotically for a few seconds and eliminate orbits with U > (1 + [epsilon])[U.
Legal institutions can reassign property tides, but if property is constantly, chaotically, and unpredictably reassigned, it's not "property" at all; it has no legal security.
But with only a half-chance from Thorne to crow about they quickly aired their anger on the worrying situation as their side chaotically chased shadows without ever looking like forcing their way back into the game.
When jockeys and trainers start flying, en masse, in the face of logic, I start to panic, so I kept my money in my pocket and watched horses being hurried chaotically from one side of the course to the other in scenes reminiscent of Mike Read's seminal children's TV programme Runaround.
With many IT infrastructures having grown organically - some might say chaotically - around the turn of the decade, senior executives have been forced to bring some rationalisation to sprawling portfolios of applications and systems that have become, if not unmanageable, at least too complex, costly and inflexible to sustain.