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a Christian clergyman attached to a private chapel of a prominent person or institution or ministering to a military body, professional group, etc



in the Catholic and Anglican churches:

(1) A clegyman in charge of a chapel or home church and also an assistant parish priest.

(2) A clergyman in the army; in bourgeois states, as a rule, the chaplain has the rank of an officer or general. In addition to his religious functions, the chaplain is also responsible for the political convictions and morale of the soldiers and officers.

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The model of chaplaincy as facilitating interfaith community is relatively new.
New qualitative data have also been created through interviews with over eighty members of the Chaplaincy who carried out the work on the ground.
For me, it's an absolute no-brainer to offer pastoral care/sports chaplaincy because if something like that happens, you want to have your first aid/doctor and chaplain at hand.
Besides the financial contribution, the chaplaincy will also be exploring opportunities for congregation members to volunteer to help build the adopted schools, with the aim of instilling the spirit of service among them.
This sets the chapter apart from the others in the collection, which as a whole reads as an apologia for military chaplaincy.
8220;In addition to our professional chaplaincy, WM is looking for volunteers who'd be interested in becoming waterways chaplains in this area,” said John.
6) The High Court in The First Williams Case left that question open, along with the possibility of school chaplaincy being funded by the Commonwealth making directed grants to the states for that purpose.
The chaplaincy are involved in selfharm reduction strategies and tackling anti-social behaviour.
Hospital chaplain Dave Russon said: "We're looking for volunteers to support patients and their families by working alongside the chaplaincy team.
ON OCTOBER 16 Esprit de Corps reporter Laurel Sallie sat down with newly appointed Chaplain General Brigadier John Fletcher to discuss the role of the Chaplaincy in the Canadian Armed Forces and the importance of religious and spiritual diversity in the branch.
House of Representatives, for example, experimented with a rotating chaplaincy for several years in the midnineteenth century.