chapter house

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chapter house,

a building in which the chapter of the clergy meets. Its plan varies, the simplest being a rectangle. At Worcester, England, the Norman builders created a circular chapter house (c.1100), with vaulting springing from a central pillar. Subsequent examples, adopting this central support for their vaulted roofs but frequently having a polygonal plan, are among the most distinctive achievements of the English Gothic builders. Those at Salisbury, Wells, and Westminster Abbey (1250) are octagonal, while that at Lincoln is decagonal. At York, the octagonal room (c.1300) exhibits a departure in that it dispenses with the central column and is covered with a vaulted wooden roof.

Chapter house

A place for business meetings of a religious or fraternal organization; usually a building that is attached to a hall for gatherings; occasionally contains living quarters for members of such groups.

chapter house

A place for business meetings of a religious or fraternal organization; occasionally also contains living quarters for members of such a group.
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Both Niceron, who lived in the Paris "convent," and Emanuel Maignan, another monk who resided for a short time at the Minim chapter house in Rome at Santa Trinita dei Monti before moving to Toulouse, not only wrote about perspective but also produced a number of different types of anamorphic images, some of immense dimensions, which took up entire walls of both the Roman and Parisian chapter houses.
The entire IP network of 660 phones will eventually serve all 110 chapter houses of this 27,000 square mile, three-state nation, much of which is still not served by electricity or paved roads.
This program will allow FFA Chapters to maximize contributions for the new Miracle of Birth and FFA Chapter House and Leadership Complex," said Val Aarsvold, Executive Director, Minnesota FFA Foundation.
Anyone interested in taking part should write to Paul Shepherd, The Chapter House, Ripon Cathedral, Ripon, HG4 1QT.
Lacking in size but not in effort and found John Gosden's Chapter House dwarfing her in the closing stages at Chepstow last time.
We are proud to have developed a unique mortgage loan program that will enable the Greek chapter house system initiated in the 19th century to flourish into the 21st century.
Beneath a gazebo on the grass, Maria started to paint on her lightbox and, as she did so, her deft marks appeared on the wall of the Chapter House above the percussionist's head.
Works by these artists will be exhibited from Friday 10 July to Sunday 19 July in the North Choir Aisle and Chapter House of Lichfield Cathedral.
And heroin today claimed a second young life when a 26-year-old woman was discovered at the Chapter House block of flats in Phoenix Street, West Bromwich, in the early hours.
It was to be a plinth on which the ritual East end of the cathedral, choir and chapter house were to stand.
But the most historic are undoubtedly the ruined remains of the 12th-century Chapter House, close to the park's elegant Orangery.
Made out of Purbeck marble, it would have originally been laid in the floor on the east side of the south wall inside the magnificent Chapter House.