chapter house

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chapter house,

a building in which the chapter of the clergy meets. Its plan varies, the simplest being a rectangle. At Worcester, England, the Norman builders created a circular chapter house (c.1100), with vaulting springing from a central pillar. Subsequent examples, adopting this central support for their vaulted roofs but frequently having a polygonal plan, are among the most distinctive achievements of the English Gothic builders. Those at Salisbury, Wells, and Westminster Abbey (1250) are octagonal, while that at Lincoln is decagonal. At York, the octagonal room (c.1300) exhibits a departure in that it dispenses with the central column and is covered with a vaulted wooden roof.

Chapter house

A place for business meetings of a religious or fraternal organization; usually a building that is attached to a hall for gatherings; occasionally contains living quarters for members of such groups.

chapter house

A place for business meetings of a religious or fraternal organization; occasionally also contains living quarters for members of such a group.
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This building was demolished in 1758 and the cathedral library has occupied the top floor of the Chapter House ever since.
18 people helped move the collection from the upper storey of Chapter House to a secure location
Now ghostly but still impressive, the chapter house was once the business centre of Margam Abbey, which, set on a main highway, meant it catered for an endless flow of pilgrims, bards, vagabonds, soldiers, sales folk and others.
The portrait was designed to commemorate the Queen's Diamond Jubilee and had only been on display in the Chapter House for a few weeks before it was vandalised.
He then had a look around the new cathedral, an art exhibition, refurbishment work at St Michael's House and finished with a visit to Chapter House where he launched a new phone app for the cathedral.
Inside the house the medieval cloisters, chapter house (now the chapel) and a collection of medieval stone carvings and manuscripts enable visitors to discover the abbey's early history.
30pm Take a step back in time with Chapter House Theatre Company for their lively adaptation of Jane Austen's famous novel.
A CHORAL group's very own pilgrimage will take music lovers into the heart of Durham Cathedral next week when the architectural gem of the Chapter House becomes the venue for their concert.
She served as a Gray Lady with the Worcester Chapter of the American Red Cross as a volunteer during World War II and with the same organization, as a volunteer after the Worcester Tornado in 1953 at the Red Cross Chapter House, was a member of the Worcester Art Museum, Worcester Civic Music Association and a member of the National Secretaries Association, Worcester Chapter, of which she was chosen as Secretary of the Year in 1962, and a member of several other organizations.
You'll have to be aged 16 or over but you'll get to see the Chapter House roof as well as other parts not usually on show to visitors.
The monks are working to raise funds to reconstruct the chapter house of a medieval Spanish monastery at their California abbey.

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