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see characincharacin
or characid
, common name for members of the Characidae, a large and diverse family comprising 700 species of freshwater fishes. The characins are related to the carp and the catfish. They are found in Africa and in tropical America, especially in the Amazon.
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It has been postulated that in some cave-dwelling populations of the Mexican characid fish Astyanax fasciatus the daily feeding cycle is determined by the daily rhythm of activity of bat populations living in the same caves.
For example, the characid (Characidae) Astyanax fasciatus (Cuvier) is a common fish that feeds on algae (diatoms and filamentous greens and blue-greens), detritus, seeds, and terrestrial and aquatic insects (Burcham 1988, Bussing 1994; C.
Others, such as the characid scale-eaters Roeboides myersi and Roeboides cf.