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a deep cleft in the ground; abyss

What does it mean when you dream about a chasm?

Uncertainty. The unknown. Wondering how we will get from here to there. If a deep, dark chasm, it may represent the unconscious mind or feelings about death.


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Last season saw the division between Celtic and Rangers grow to depressingly chasmic proportions, with bombs being sent to Neil Lennon, pitch-side attacks and general tribal hostility hyped to high heaven.
organizers, and intellectuals troubled by the chasmic rifts in academic
But how well set are the other three senior clubs to closing a gap that was positively grand chasmic a decade ago.
In his book Latin America at the End of Politics, Forrest Colburn argues that economic turmoil shocked Third World citizens into accepting a strain of so-called liberalization that is heavily weighted toward monopolies and maintains chasmic inequalities in exchange for relative stability.
As sinner, man is separated from God by the most chasmic qualitative abyss.