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17) With so many watermen and their families subsisting on theatrical business, the decline in water traffic at the time of Chaste Maid's production resulted in the destitution and starvation of many individuals, according to Taylor.
Chaste tree berries are becoming increasingly popular for the treatment of PMS symptoms, in addition to other ailments.
A systematic review of chaste tree's adverse events, carried out by Daniele and colleagues at University of Rome La Sapienza (Italy), confirms that side effects tend to be mild and reversible.
The connection with Chaste is that slavery lives on in the 21st century and one of the ways it lives on is in the enslavement of young women in the sex trafficking trade and the prostitution trade.
Confucian male definitions of female virtue which centered on chaste widows go back to the Song (960-1279) and Yuan (1271-1368) dynasties, and accompanied social changes that weakened women's property rights while strengthening the extended kinship organization, the patrilineage.
Sarah reckons that she got the job in Chaste Maid which brought her back to Huddersfield courtesy of director Ben Harrison.
Traditional use: Chaste tree has been used since the time of ancient Greece and Rome, where it played a part in religious ceremonies and medicinal practice.
Emily is smitten with the Prince, but she must remain chaste during her apprenticeship or else.
Chen Shou's Yibu qijiu zhuan account of the so-called "Three Chaste Ones of Ba" reads:
His comments about women run from an open distaste for their bodies to a chaste poetic appreciation for lovely fair damsels.
The Spring Habit is an irreverent yet upbeat novel featuring a most unlikely heroine--a chaste and virtuous nun with a singularly amazing knuckleball.
And it's with this background that he has written his first book, The Chaste Fireman, a passionate adventure featuring a young man who, despite having a girlfriend, is smitten by an older woman.