check ride

check flight

i. A test flight to ascertain if all systems in the aircraft are fully serviceable. A check flight is carried out after a major inspection or repairs.
ii. A flight on which a pilot or other crewmembers are checked for proficiency in the performance of their duties. Also called a check ride or a checkout flight.
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One of my duties is to give those who want to be an FAA Certified Flight Instructor their very first flight instructor check ride.
Is there a requirement to give them a check ride on each piece of equipment or vehicle, or just one?
I still remember how nervous I was for my first check ride.
In addition, all pilots must undergo a check ride by a USFS check airman every three years.
Passengers can save favourite addresses as well as check ride history Since drivers are checked for compliance before joining the network, passengers do not need to worry about their safety and can simply enjoy their ride, according to the promoters.
After its completion, crews move into aircraft specific ground school ranging from seven to nine days followed by six simulator sessions prior, to their type rating check ride.
FAA fixes turbojet proficiency compliance deadline The FAA has amended a recent rule-making that set a requirement for pilots of turbojet-powered aircraft to undergo a pilot-in-command proficiency check, giving affected pilots a year from the effective date to take the initial required check ride.
Recording a new endorsement, rating or BFR check ride automatically updates the BFR expiration information.
The check ride template makes use of a sliding scale that takes situational factors into account and provides commanders with a running estimate of Iraqi police capabilities.
Plus we do a check ride flight test every six months with our pilots.
I would like to say to the pilot that it won't be long before I do a check ride.
I'm a few hours away from my license check ride, and the machine is quickly becoming a part of me.