check valve

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check valve

[′chek ‚valv]
(mechanical engineering)
A device for automatically limiting flow in a piping system to a single direction. Also known as nonreturn valve.

Check Valve


a device that passes a stream of fluid or gas through a pipe only in one direction and closes automatically when the direction of the stream reverses. It is used in various thermal power engineering and production plants.

check valve, back-pressure valve, reflux valve

check valve
An automatic valve which permits liquid to flow in only one direction. Also see non-return valve.

check valve

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Two types of check valves.
A valve that permits the flow of fluid in one direction only. Various types of check valves are depicted in the illustrations.
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It stated, Bestobell is well placed to secure contracts with DSME to supply the cryogenic globe and check valves for all 16 vessels.
Bestobell Marine s cryogenic globe and check valves will be used in the cargo handling system on the vessel, including the main discharge line throttling valves that control the initial flow of LNG from the cargo tanks when pumping first starts.
Utilizing sapphire-hard, dimensionally stable components, as well as eliminating check valves, results in a pump that will maintain 0.
manufactures a complete line of in-line spring-loaded piston type check valves.
com)-- Saint-Gobain Seals' OmniSeal[R] spring-energized anti-blowout seal has been qualified as a static seal in rocket engine check valves for the aerospace industry.
has introduced a new line of barbed check valves as an extension to its SCV Series of check valves.
Shipham Valves, a subsidiary of Wartsila, has completed the development programme for a new range of composite single plate wafer check valves, which will be introduced to the market place at the Valve World Exhibition to be held in Dusseldorf at the end of November.
Stream-Flo Industries, the manufacturer of Crown-Judd Check Valves, has added a new product to its full line of API-6D check valves.
Tyco Flow ControlCOs Fasani plant near Milan has inaugurated a new test bench for large gate, globe and check valves that is believed to be the biggest in Europe.
Poppet seals, custom molded from nitrile and many other high performance elastomer compounds, are manufactured by this company for use in check valves for pressure relief and shut-off devices in natural gas valve assembly applications.
The underlying valve design has performed reliably in field installations of the Company's check valves for many years.
Place guards over lines so they don't cover cylinder check valves.