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see wintergreenwintergreen
or checkerberry,
low evergreen plant (Gaultheria procumbens) of the family Ericaceae (heath family), native to sandy and acid woods (usually of evergreens) of E North America and frequently cultivated.
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Shiny, waxy oval pointed leaves, white hanging bell-shaped flowers, red berries. Leaves sometimes a bit brown or red. Gives the body strength. Doesn't die in winter, stays green year round (hence the name). Eat the leaves, make tea from them. Kind of a dull mint flavor. Tea used for colds, fever, headache, kidney, stomach, rheumatism, anti-inflammatory painkiller. Berries also edible. Do not make or take wintergreen essential oil, which is very toxic. It absorbs through skin and harms kidneys and liver.
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She served as president and secretary at Checkerberry Village Tenant's Association in Holden and former treasurer of Olson Manufacturing's Credit Union.
He was a familiar sight in Holden where he took several walks a day from Checkerberry Village to Main St.
Tom's family is grateful to the welcoming and caring community at Checkerberry Village, where friendships, Wednesday coffees and holiday parties made his last years so enjoyable.