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Tenders are invited for Installation of lift able Checkered Plate Cover Slab over Cable Trench at BB Haat, New Town Rajarhat, Kolkata.
After connections are designed, the user can model the minor steel (ladders, handrails, hoppers, bins, checkered plate and so on) interactively or parametrically.
separator/ classifiers including new piping and discharge chutes; replacement of the existing wet scrubber odor control system with new carbon absorption odor control system, including new duct work to all process areas of the existing headworks and newly enclosed dumpster area; replacement of the existing headworks process area grating, checkered plate, and rubber covers with new fabricated fixed aluminum flat covers; installation of new RAS piping to allow automated flow control of RAS by both ratio control to raw sewage and percent flow to the headworks; and all associated painting, piping, duct work, electrical work and instrumentation work.
Among the creators are Antonio Banderas, who's designed a blue and white checkered plate, Courtney Love and her daughter Frances, George Clooney offering a self-portrait, Melanie Griffith, Michael Jackson, Sir Michael Caine, Nicolas Cage, Angela Bassett and even Jack Nicholson.
67 sqm checkered plate for flooring,120 kg steel profile U100 as a basic framework for technology equipment,
Tenders are invited for dismantling of checkered plates, gv breaking links, guide vane levers, gv housing bolts & dowels and other components to facilitate replacement of guide vane cup seals and re-assembly of the same covering all associated works and components required for successful completion of the work.