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current account

Economics that part of the balance of payments composed of the balance of trade and the invisible balance

Current Account


a type of deposit operation in banks and savings banks. Deposits in current accounts are not time deposits; that is, the account holder can make deposits and withdrawals at any time. In the capitalist countries, current accounts for the most part hold the temporarily free capital and cash reserves of the capitalists. In the USSR, current accounts in banks may be opened by noneconomic institutions and enterprises, kolkhozes, and public organizations; current accounts in savings banks may also be opened by individuals.

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Assume a somewhat different type of card, one that draws on the consumer's checking account and can also draw on an overdraft line of credit attached to the checking account.
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Household deposit and loan balances tend to be consistently higher in households where a checking account is present and the profit potential is much greater.
Simmons says the card is intended for individuals who don't have access to savings or checking accounts.
The smaller proportion of savings associations offering noninterest checking accounts may stem from the fact that savings associations, unlike banks, were generally restricted from providing these accounts before the 1980s; their availability rose a statistically significant 14 percentage points over the five survey years, a change that, along with other factors, may reflect a reaction to the previous restriction.
TCF is taking service one step further by rewarding customers for opening a new TCF checking account," says Mark Jeter, Managing Director of Branch Banking.
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The campaign offered customers who opened a new SDCCU checking account and posted a photo of themselves shredding their big bank debit card a chance to win $1,000.
WHEN JEANINE COOPER-TAYLOR MOVED TO ATLANTA IN THE winter of 1996 and opened a personal checking account with a large money center bank, she was pleased to have found an institution that offered the convenience of so many locations.