checkout flight

check flight

i. A test flight to ascertain if all systems in the aircraft are fully serviceable. A check flight is carried out after a major inspection or repairs.
ii. A flight on which a pilot or other crewmembers are checked for proficiency in the performance of their duties. Also called a check ride or a checkout flight.
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The chopper crashed into a farmland beside an aviation corps while conducting a functional checkout flight.
The checkout flight initiated a NASA-Air Force flight research program to investigate the potential of aerodynamically twisting flexible wings to improve maneuverability of high-performance aircraft at transonic and supersonic speeds.
The initial checkout flight test will be done in Palmdale.
The Helios prototype broke apart and crashed into the ocean during a checkout flight over a U.
An unmanned flying wing carrying auxiliary fuel cells for flying in the dark crashed during a checkout flight last June in Hawaii.
EDWARDS AIR FORCE BASE - The manufacturer of the solar-powered flying wing that crashed during a NASA checkout flight off Hawaii says it hopes to use a similar but smaller craft to continue tests this summer.
HONOLULU - A solar-powered NASA flying wing preparing to test a fuel-cell system for staying aloft for days was destroyed Thursday when it crashed about a half-hour into a checkout flight off Kauai.
A 15-hour checkout flight June 7 found leaks in a cooling system and in an air-feeder line going to the fuel cell.
Researchers reported a successful checkout flight Saturday, then the Helios flew to 76,200 feet over the U.
Although I had used both during the checkout flights and had flown similarly equipped airplanes before, 14 some reason my left hand was convinced the yoke-mounted trim switch was the yoke-mounted push-to-talk button, and vice-versa.
After extensive modifications and a couple of checkout flights in Waco, Texas, a heavily modified Boeing 747 carrying a 45,000-pound telescope arrived at Dryden on Thursday to begin its flight-test program.
Normal operations include F-15 training flights, flights to and from Loring Air Force Base, checkout flights after major overhauls or other maintenance, and other flight operations in support of the 102nd's basic mission.