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1. A room for the deposit or checking of outer clothing.
2. A small lounge outside a legislative chamber where coats may be hung.
3. A room for checking packages or baggage, as in a theater, railway station, or airport.
4. (Brit.) A washroom and toilet.
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Many thefts in hotels and restaurants occur in the baggage checkroom or the coat-check area.
The only portion of many limiting liability statutes that apply to a restaurant or bar covers no-fee checkrooms where the customer is given a receipt for the checked property.
Designed to complement the high quality of Marriott standards, the 199-unit resort features restaurants, a fitness club, retail shops, a heated outdoor swimming pool, ski equipment checkroom, and an owner's library.
Among the modifications is one that hints at those past problems: "No newspaper-only checkrooms will be allowed.
In addition, holiday shoppers visiting the new Rockefeller Center store can lighten their load while they shop with complimentary coat and bag checkrooms.