cheek cut

cheek cut, side cut

An oblique angular cut at the lower end of a jack rafter or the upper end of any rafter so that it can fit tightly against a hip rafter or valley rafter.
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Yet I was glad at first - she deserved punishing for pushing me: but when papa was gone, she made me come to the window and showed me her cheek cut on the inside, against her teeth, and her mouth filling with blood; and then she gathered up the bits of the picture, and went and sat down with her face to the wall, and she has never spoken to me since: and I sometimes think she can't speak for pain.
Qaiser, a patient of hepatitis, said, "I went to a barber shop a few months ago and had my left cheek cut slightly.
Capewell, who owed money to loan sharks, later had his cheek cut with a razor to fit his cover story.
THE then Premier had his cheek cut by an airborne egg outside a Southampton Sainsbury's in the 1992 election campaign
In this case, the photo was mocked up to give an indication of how I sawed the tenon cheeks for some cabinet legs--I actually made the shoulder cuts after the cheek cuts, which have already been made in this photo.
Slice a narrow groove following the outside of the cheek cuts.