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Asked why Emily, of Irby, should get the Pupil Of The Week honour, staff at the Lyndale were all in agreement - her infectious smile, cheerfulness and willingness to put others first made her a worthy recipient.
Depending on variety daffodils can flower any time from mid February and April, but I've had some white cheerfulness in my garden since Christmas.
She has battled her disability with strength and cheerfulness, trained as an athlete and worked, she has done more in her young life than many fit, able-bodied young people.
But there is one thing that has remained constant throughout and that is the cheerfulness and friendliness of the people.
Michael Rossi, 18, has become a Royal Marine Commando and gained the Green Beret - the hallmark indicating he has passed a gruelling and demanding test of endurance and displayed the qualities of unselfishness, cheerfulness under adversity, courage, determination and high professional standards.
When asked how they felt when playing the games, individuals said their main emotions were happiness, nostalgia and cheerfulness.
More judicious editing certainly would have helped, as would a less relentless commitment on Chadha's part to wrapping everything up in a tidy cheerfulness that is as undemanding as it is uninteresting.
His resilient cheerfulness and constant good humour meant his company was always pleasureable.
A woman whose life was touched with heartbreak when one of her sons died and the other lost his sight has been named 'Supermum' for her tremendous courage and cheerfulness.
Therese's cheerfulness and radiant smile were ever-present in the convent; charity was her way of life.
Yet the consciously atavistic terminology and choice of models, which project a kind of South-West, homely cheerfulness onto the building, cannot conceal an acute architectural intelligence at work.
They brought such a zany cheerfulness to our city; I never failed to smile at them and it was lovely to see people photographing their children and grandchildren hugging them.