Chemical Compound

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chemical compound

[′kem·i·kəl ′käm‚pau̇nd]

Compound, Chemical


a complex substance consisting of chemically bound atoms of two or more different elements. Certain simple substances can be considered chemical compounds if their molecules consist of atoms linked by a covalent bond, for example, nitrogen (N2) and oxygen (O2). The composition of a chemical compound is expressed through a chemical formula, and the structure is often represented by a structural formula. In the vast majority of cases, chemical compounds obey the law of definite proportions and the law of multiple proportions. However, many compounds of variable composition are known.

Chemical compounds are obtained through chemical reactions. The formation of a chemical compound is accompanied by either liberation of energy (exothermic reaction) or absorption of energy (endothermic reaction). The physical and chemical properties of chemical compounds differ from the properties of the substances from which the compounds are obtained. Chemical compounds are characterized by definite values for density, melting point, boiling point, and other constants. Compounds possessing the same composition but different structures have different properties. Chemical compounds are divided into inorganic and organic compounds. More than 100,000 inorganic compounds and more than 3 million organic compounds are known.


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Hydrogen power has not yet been embraced by the world, in part because of an ironic scarcity of the ubiquitous element: Hydrogen is almost always bound up in chemical compounds.
It deals with the elucidation and description of the spatial order of atoms within a chemical compound.
Then, like miniature lightning bolts, the charges recombine, exciting nitrogen molecules in the air to produce a blue-green glow or causing the chemical compound itself to fluoresce.
The new patent broadly covers the use of our real-time, label-free technology in the important area of drug discovery and pharmaceutical research and allows the investigator to effectively screen chemical compounds for cytotoxicity, and changes in cell behavior attributed to the chemical compound being tested.
This proprietary technology, called Encoded Synthetic Libraries (ESL(TM)), makes it possible to automate the synthesis and screening of billions of distinct chemical compounds on the surface of microscopic beads.
Purdue University chemists have developed a way to 'bar code' individual chemical compounds, making it quick, easy and economical to identify the most biologically active ones among thousands of candidates in the drug-screening process.
The chemical compounds were broken down by the heat of brighter sunshine in spring and the chlorine has destroyed the ozone.
Tests have shown that perflourooctanyl chemical compounds used in the products - which are used in the UK to make carpets and furniture stain- resistant - are now widespread in the general environment where they stay for a number of years before being broken down.
We have developed a system that can screen at least 10,000 chemical compounds in two days.
According to Reaction Design, since fuels such as diesel, gasoline or kerosene consist of several thousand unique chemical components, "Model Fuels" containing a smaller number of surrogate chemical compounds are preferable for use in simulation.

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