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Surprisingly, there aren't many chemical engineers in medicine but engineering is very applicable.
The Institution of Chemical Engineers (IChemE) is the global professional membership organisation for people with relevant experience or an interest in chemical engineering.
Members will address the status, competence and development of chemical engineers and promote the contribution of the profession to the UK and global economy.
Chemical engineers are always in demand, and there are opportunities to reach senior managerial positions, often at a relatively young age.
The salary survey by the Institute of Chemical Engineers reveals that chemical engineering maintains its position as the best paid of all the mainstream engineering disciplines with the average salary in the North East over pounds 46,000.
He is the author of the liquid-liquid extraction chapter in Perry's Chemical Engineers Handbook, and has researched, developed and implemented many separation and purification processes used at Dow.
John Wiley & Sons (Hoboken, NJ) and the Americam Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE; New York) have signed an agreement to jointly publish books in chemical engineering and industrial chemistry under a new, co-branded imprint beginning in April.
Eighteen conferences will take place at the 55th annual meeting of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE), Nov.
He also has been active with the Forest Products Division of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers.
Many of the key issues raised at that forum are examined in a forward-looking article written by two NIST scientists for Chemical Engineering Progress, the flagship magazine of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers.
The stock and trade of chemical engineers is their knowledge of heat and fluid transfer, kinetics, thermodynamics, unit operations, reactions, and process design.
As chemical engineers, Shanks and her students want to maximize production of the valuable compounds.

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