chemical toilet

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chemical toilet, Brit. chemical closet

A toilet without conventional water and drain connections; contains a fluid, usually with a disinfectant and deodorant, which neutralizes waste matter chemically.
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Orchid Investments, which runs D-Tox Waste Management, admitted dumping polluted waste from its chemical toilets into a tributary to the River Avon at Long Marston Airfield, near Stratford-upon-Avon.
They were sat at the back of the bus and shouted out every so often - it was like Question Time, but next to a chemical toilet.
It may have to cease operations at this site if the council's planning committee rejects its request for permission to carry out the activity as well as the retention of a cabin and chemical toilet at a meeting next week.
Instead, port officials found the containers that originated at the port of Felixstowe packed with trash, ranging from the chemical toilet seats to food remnants and computer pieces.
W911S2-08-T-3009 for portable chemical toilet services at Fort Drum, New York, which was issued as a service-disabled, veteran-owned, small business concern (SDVOSBC) set-aside.
Yesterday, the Board of Health cited violations including not having permission for temporary housing, prohibited use of a privy or chemical toilet, and not having minimum square footage for habitation and sleeping purposes.
Even that invention of Satan, a portable chemical toilet (notice I didn't use a trade name for fear of litigation).
They have also been forced to use a chemical toilet in their four-bedroom cottage in the Lancashire hamlet of Knowle Green.
The fee is $3 (16 tent sites, chemical toilet, water, no reservations).
He added: "With the tent and the chemical toilet, coming to church at the moment feels more like camping.
Iain, from East Kilbride, will only have a mobile phone, hammock, laptop and a chemical toilet.
But Coleen, 25, wants them to stay in a pounds 100,000 Winnebago, which boasts its own chemical toilet, in the ViP area.

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