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19] Proptosis with conjunctival chemosis was the commonest clinical presentation manifesting in 76.
In the current case, visual acuity and chemosis improved, but other items such as soft tissue involvement and extraocular muscle involvement still had elevated scores [Table 1].
The patient's symptoms improved rapidly after initiation of anti-coagulation, including resolution of chemosis (Figure 2).
In the neurological examination, chemosis, proptosis, and periorbital edema were noticed.
External signs include chemosis, external ophthalmoplegia, increased resistance to retropulsion, orbital ecchymosis, proptosis, and subconjunctival hemorrhage.
He had full-thickness lacerations of the upper and lower lids, a conjunctival laceration, chemosis and a corneal abrasion.
They may have an associated bruit or chemosis of the eye.
The volume of ultrafiltrate was determined by the condition of chemosis and other clinical features of the patients.
Hyperemia of conjunctiva with various degrees of intensity was found in all patients; 52 examinees had chemosis and eye lid skin edema (Photo 3), hypertrophy of conjunctival follicles being found in 25 eyes.
2,68-81) The most common reactions included periorbital edema and erythema, conjunctival chemosis, itch or pain, proptosis, angioedema, and restriction of eye movements (ranging from mild to total ophthalmoplegia).
The authors concluded that fluticasone was not as effective as artificial tears for the reduction of itching, redness, and chemosis.
In the literature we find a wide spectrum of ocular manifestations, which includes: corneal edema, corneal infiltration, chemosis, ciliary injection, mucopurulent keratoconjunctivitis, anterior uveitis, hyphema, iris atrophy, cataract, lens subluxation, anterior and posterior capsule opacities, trabeculitis, damage of the trabecular mesh and glaucoma, ophthalmoplegia, optic neuritis, papilledema and optic atrophy (3,4).