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Orientation response of a sessile organism with reference to chemical stimuli.



change in the direction of growth of plant organs under the influence of chemical substances acting in one direction. Like other tropisms, chemotropism results from the uneven growth of opposite sides of an organ. Many substances that stimulate positive chemotropism in low concentrations (growth of organs in the direction of the chemical stimulus) may cause negative chemotropism in high concentrations (growth of organs in the direction opposite the stimulus). Chemotropism occurs in the growth of pollen tubules toward the ovules, in the penetration of the tissue of the host plant by the hyphae of parasitic fungi, and in the growth of roots toward particles or granules of fertilizer.

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Carboxysomes are the protein bodies of many chemotropic and phototrophic bacteria that enhance the catalytic properties of the resident enzyme, riboluse-1,5 bisphosphate carboxylase/oxygenase, by an as yet ill-defined mechanism.
The Pre-Clinical results document that adding Pluristem's PLX-I to UCB stem cells during the Bone Marrow Transplant (BMT) human cell engraftment in NOD SCID mice showed up to a 500% increased engraftment after irradiation and Chemotropic treatment.
Masaki Hiramoto of Japan's National Institute of Genetics studied several possible scenarios to learn more about the function of the two cellular "traffic cops"--called morphogens and chemotropic factors.