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There are no more than a dozen chenille carpets left in National Trust properties nationwide.
The Zegna Chenille Microfiber Sponge can be purchased online for INR 495.
Cut a circle out of black construction paper and glue it to the centre of the top flower layer, covering and securing the chenille stem in place.
FOR a truly 'egg-citing' event, just pop some mini-eggs or chenille Easter Chicks inside some colourful 'Fillable Eggs' and hide them around the house or garden.
In the fall catalog, four pages featured braided rugs made of chenille and wool in different sizes and shapes.
The other, a ribbon chenille 42" x 72" throw of 92% rayon and eight percent cotton, came in gold with crimson/fudge accents ($230).
Though still not what a city stockbroker would wear, a chenille sweater is ideal for people working in creative industries.
For hair, cut a section from a wide chenille stick and glue it to the top of the monster's head.
The Chenille carpet in the drawing room is in better condition but will still need attention to deal with dampness caused by potted palms.
You will need: * Coloured paper * Glue stick * Photos * Scissors * Tape * Green chenille stems, one for each flower * Optional: patterned paper Method: * Cut photos into circles to be used as the centre of the flower.
com, 0845 600 4411), while asda direct's tolmin button-effect sofa, in four chenille shades, costs just pounds 295 for a two-seater and pounds 395 for a three-seater (www.