chenopodium quinoa

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Botanical macro-remains at Cerro Colorado, (a) fruits of Sarcomphalus mistol; (b) endocarps of Sarcomphalus mistol; (c) fruits and endocarps of Lithraea molloides; (d) seeds and endocarps of Prosopis sp,; (e) endocarps of Schinus cf, areira; (f) endocarp of Geoffroea decorticans; (g) kernel of Zea mays; (h) cotyledon of Phaseolus sp,; (i) grain of Chenopodium quinoa var quinoa; (j) seed of Amaranthus sp, Scale bar (a-h)=10 mm, Scale bar (i-j)=2 mm,
12 [+ o -] 37 -- (Amaranthaceae) Chenopodium quinoa -- 10 [+ o -] 20 Willd.
Tanaka, Saponins from Bran of Quinoa, Chenopodium quinoa Willd.
En la muestra de macrorrestos asociadas al conjunto oseo se determino la presencia de cinco granos de Chenopodium quinoa.
Biochar reduces copper toxicity in Chenopodium quinoa Wild in a sandy soil.
ex Chenopodium quinoa, ex Zea mays; Pampallaqta, Lares (Calca, 3900m), 09.
Weiland's team inoculated the leaves of the common weed Chenopodium quinoa and a sugar beet hybrid with extracts from the infected root specimens.
CHENOPODIUM QUINOA is one of the most important food crops in the Andean highlands of South America, including portions of Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Argentina, and Chile.
Like the other G3 isolates WMV-Tr was not systemic on Chenopodium quinoa (Lecoq et al.
Table 1: Reaction of some diagnostic species to BYMV-D1 isolate local lesion/ Family Species systemic Chenopodia Chenopodium quinoa L.
Jellen 2006 Molecular and cytological characterization of ribosomal RNA genes in Chenopodium quinoa and Chenopodium berlandieri.