chi square

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chi square (c2)

a statistical test for use with nominal data (see CRITERIA AND LEVELS OF MEASUREMENT). The EXPERIMENTAL HYPOTHESIS predicts how many subjects in each group being tested will fall into certain categories if there are no differences between the groups, and the chi-square test compares the observed frequencies with the expected frequencies. The larger the difference between the observed and expected frequency, the more likely that there is a statistically significant difference between the categories.
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Table-2 reveals that the calculated values of the Chi square for all kind of social evils before and after joining the SHGs were fond to be higher than the table value (6.
The chi square calculated value is lower than the tabulated value; hence, null hypothesis may be accepted.
Again, this Chi Square finding is based exclusively on a comparison of Haitian and Hispanic responses, but ANOVA results which include African American responses also revealed significant variations by ethnicity (F = 4.
A Chi Square analysis was not possible due to cell size restrictions.
Matthew Lewitz, grade 9, Viewpoint High School, ``Phenotypic analysis of C-Ferns using the chi square test.
chi square and binomial tests enabled a determination of the statistical significance of the outcomes (even though the population of World Series games, rather than a sample was used, there is precedence for using inductive statistics under these conditions [1].
Three statistical analyses aided analyzing the results: Chi Square Test of Independence, Correlation and ANOVA (Analysis of Variation).
This difference was statistically significant, Chi square (1, N = 35) = 24.
A chi square test was used in analyzing the data to determine if there were significant differences between levels of assertiveness and participants' age, birth order, ethnicity, academic classification and prior history of counseling.
Barnett suggests using a chi square test to make this process more objective.
Deviations from expected frequencies were tested by chi square tests.