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(1) (Chief Digital Officer) The executive responsible for the customer-facing aspects of IT in an organization. Responsibilities include user interfaces, mobile applications and social media integration. If both chief digital officers (CDOs) and chief technical officers (CTOs) exist within a company, the CDO deals with the front end of the business (what the user sees) and the CTO handles back-end processing and infrastructure. See CTO and CIO.

(2) (Collaborative Data Objects) A programming interface from Microsoft for accessing MAPI-based email, calendaring and scheduling servers. Originally called "OLE Messaging" and "Active Messaging," CDO wraps the Extended MAPI library into a COM object. Starting with Outlook 2007 and Exchange Server 2007, CDO was no longer part of the install package and had to be downloaded separately. See COM.

CDONTS (CDO for NT Server) is the SMTP version of CDO. It is used to send text email and HTML-based email from ASP pages.
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Bertrand Bodson, Chief Digital Officer, will become a member of the ECN.
McCann Health, a global creative agency network, has promoted Marcus Sigurdsson from his position as Asia Pacific chief digital officer, it was reported yesterday.
TORONTO: BMO Financial Group named Brett Pitts to the newly created position of Chief Digital Officer, effective November 30.
To satisfy the hype surrounding the fourth industrial revolution a such as artificial intelligence, blockchain and big data a banks have created a new job: chief digital officer (CDO) to oversee the introduction of new financial technologies.
Khurram Shaikh, Chief Digital Officer, JS Bank, said "We are heavily focused on becoming a truly digital bank in Pakistan.
Bhanu Shekhar, Chief Digital Officer of GE Power in the Middle East and Africa, said that Engro had a well-earned reputation as an innovation leader and is defining the future of the power generation industry through the adoption of GE's digital industrial solutions.
Speaking on the occasion, Khurram Shaikh Chief Digital Officer, JS Bank, said "We are heavily focused on becoming a truly Digital Bank in Pakistan.
It added that Ogilvy's EMEA chief digital officer and 22-year company veteran, Patou Nuytemans, will succeed Moutran as of Sept.
United has named Linda Jojo executive vice president, technology and chief digital officer.
For many, this means hiring a chief digital officer to map out the terrain and lead the way.
We're excited to be working with Clip across our entire content platform of local radio and national network personalities" said Mark Charnock , Chief Digital Officer of R1 Digital , the new radio digital network of Radio One and Reach Media.
BANKING AND CREDIT NEWS-March 15, 2017-Lincoln Financial Group names new chief digital officer

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