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1. Social welfare an occupant of a welfare agency home
2. (esp formerly) a representative of the British government in a British protectorate
3. (esp in the 17th century) a diplomatic representative ranking below an ambassador
4. (in India, formerly) a representative of the British governor general at the court of a native prince
5. a bird or other animal that does not migrate
6. US and Canadian a physician who lives in the hospital where he works while undergoing specialist training after completing his internship
7. Brit and NZ a junior doctor, esp a house officer, who lives in the hospital in which he works
8. (of birds and other animals) not in the habit of migrating



(in Russian, ordinator), a physician in a medical institution, such as a hospital, polyclinic, or maternity home, who is directly engaged in treatment and preventive work under the guidance of a department head. In a hospital the resident independently makes rounds of patients, performs physicians’ duties, prescribes treatment, records histories, and takes shifts on call. In a polyclinic the resident performs the functions of a district medical officer or specialist: he receives patients, prescribes treatment, fills in medical charts of ambulatory patients, issues certificates of disability, provides dispensary service, and acts as a health instructor. A clinical resident is a physician who is preparing to enter a specialty, for example, internal medicine or surgery. A clinical residency usually lasts two years in a teaching clinic, a research institute, or an institute for the advanced training of physicians; the resident also performs the duties of staff physician.



(rezident). (1) In the Middle Ages, a foreign diplomat residing in a given country.

(2) A representative of the metropolis residing in a protectorate.

(3) A representative of intelligence residing in a foreign state.

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Alford, of Boston University, and his colleagues initially targeted generalist chief residents specializing in internal medicine, family practice, and emergency medicine because providers in those specialties are increasingly prescribing opioids for chronic pain at a time when opioid abuse is becoming a public health problem.
How do 1 get everything accomplished in 1 day or 1 week that I'm expected to do for being a resident, chief resident, my future practice, and boards, let alone for being a single parent of two boys?
from the University of Bern in 1979 and spent the next eight years working in pathology and then internal medicine, eventually becoming Bern's chief resident.
While much excitement has been generated in Timmins by DeBeers' Victor diamond project in the James Bay lowlands, local exploration activity has slowly been picking up momentum, says the Ontario government's chief resident geologist.
Mphenzeni Keni, (34), has been arrested and will appear at Lilongwe Chief Resident Magistrates Court today, a spokesman for Malawi Police Service said.
I'm the chief resident of family medicine here at Dungeness.
Small, chief resident at Temple University, Philadelphia.
When you select a sunscreen this summer, be sure that you are getting all the protection you need against ultraviolet radiation, cautions Alexa Boer, chief resident in dermatology at Stanford (Calif.
Although the proposition sounds like an old wives' tale, Shoghag Lajinian, chief resident at the SUNY Health Science Center of Brooklyn, N.
In the early seventies, boyd, then chief resident at Cook County Hospital's trauma unit, helped persuade Governor Richard Ogilvie to institute the nation's first coordinated, statewide system of emergency medical care.
I recall, as chief resident in obstetrics in New Jersey, USA, I received a call from a junior resident on duty who was attending to a house case needing my assistance.

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