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Pathol an inflammation of the fingers, toes, or ears, caused by prolonged exposure to moisture and cold



a special form of frostbite in which the skin is injured by prolonged and repeated exposure to cold and dampness. Chilblain usually affects the nose, cheeks, hands, and ears; less commonly, it affects the feet, legs, and buttocks. It is characterized by limited or diffuse, reddish cyanotic patches that are swollen, hardened, cold to the touch, and painful when pressed. Chilblain is usually accompanied by an itching, burning sensation; pain arises if the affected area is warmed rapidly.

Acute forms of chilblain are distinguished from chronic forms, which are recurrent. The victim’s physiology and age influence the development of chilblain. The time of year is also a factor. Most cases occur in the spring and fall, usually affecting weakened persons, children, adolescents, and the elderly. Anemia, a poor diet, and vitamin deficiency, as well as nervous disorders, chronic infections, and poisonings, are conducive to the development of chilblain.

Treatment includes warm baths, massage, and rubbing with camphor spirit, as well as the application of iodine tinctures and the use of ultraviolet radiation. Fissures and ulcerations are treated with ointment dressings and by soaking in a potassium permanganate solution. Chilblain can be prevented by protecting exposed parts of the body against cold and dampness and by observing a healthy diet. Vitamins and preparations containing calcium, iron, and arsenic are also helpful.


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All the teachers would have got there before us, even those from Scunthorpe, and if there was a power cut we'd burn desks in the middle of the classroom, roast our chestnuts and compare chilblains.
A CHILBLAINS are areas of itchy, purple-red, swollen skin and are caused by hypersensitivity to cold.
Aromatherapist mum Janet developed the ointment to increase blood flow, since chilblains are often caused by poor circulation.
She mixes traditional ingredients which increase blood flow to treat customers' chilblains, which are often caused by poor circulation.
Q I have chilblains on my feet, which causes me great discomfort at night when my feet get warm in bed.
It was pointed out to her she might, of chilblains, if she carries on waiting for the bus bare-legged of a morning.
Which is seemingly abandoned in (the elaborately named) photograph "Altitude Sickness, Frostbite, Chilblains, Arterial Hypertension, Deep Vein Thrombosis, Snow-blindness, Hypothermia, High Altitude Pulmonary Oedema, High Altitude Cerebral Oedema .
CNothing unusual in that you might think - after all, wouldn't we all rather be cosied up under a slanket with a mouthful of Maltesers and a boxset of Curb Your Enthusiasm as opposed to sitting at a desk listening to Linda from marketing talking about her husband's chilblains and her eldest daughter's county court judgements?
Kirsty said her son, Mathus, three, who is mentally and physically disabled, developed chilblains on his fingers and foot when temperatures plummeted to sub-zero last winter.
Referring to kids who wore glasses as "Brains" Warming your feet at the fire then getting chilblains Knocking at doors and running away Playing allalio, ollies and conkers all day Going on messages for your ma Sucking up to the teacher to get a gold star Going to the pub aged just sixteen Getting blind drunk then making a scene Claiming you'd copped the most desirable bird Being seen but never heard Going to the Cavern and the Iron Door The Grafton, The She She Club, living folk lore Exaggerating your footballing ability Being tougher than anyone in the Military Having the biggest organ by far Or even the most enormous guitar The greatest midfield trio of all Kendall, Harvey and Alan Ball And remember when we enhanced our acumen By taking the mickey out of cocky watchman?
Bread poultices: "As hot as you could bear, used to cure numerous things such as chilblains, in-growing toenails, cuts and grazes.