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A warm, dry, descending wind in Tunisia, resembling the sirocco; in southern Algeria it is called chichili.


D.L. Abt. A language for systems programming, based on ALGOL 60 with extensions for structures and type declarations.

["CHILI, An Algorithmic Language for Systems Programming", CHI-1014, Chi Corp, Sep 1975]
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Northumberland farmer Dan May is about to start exporting his chilli sauce to Mexico, the home of the fiery pepper.
The doctors will describe their experiences with both the RPM Tracking System and the Chilli catheter.
The company will market the Chilli product line through it direct sales force in the U.
Contact South Devon Chilli Farm on tel 01548 550782 or wait www.
India and China have a 25 and 24 per cent share of global red chilli exports, respectively.
Taking place on Saturday, April 6, in St John's Square in the heart of the town centre, Chilli Fest promises to bring together the hottest chilli products from the UK and the rest of the world.
It has become one of the aptly named Hot Stuff Chilli Company's best-sellers and will be tickling taste buds along with the likes of Extremely Naughty Ketchup, Hot Scotch Sauce and Heavenly Chilli and Cardamom Jam, this weekend.
The ghost chilli emerged from relative obscurity after the Chilli Pepper Institute, at New Mexico State University, grew dozens of plants, used liquid chromatography to assess the capsaicinoids, or heat, molecules and submitted its findings to Guinness World Records in 2006, which certified it as the world's hottest.
You don't need to be a chilli fan to enjoy the beer.
These codes did not include new technologies such as the Chilli Cooled Ablation Catheter.
THE Southport Food and Drink Festival is set to become the hottest thing on the region's calendar with the arrival of the Festival's first ever Chilli Lovers' Fair.
A NEW all Wales chilli farm will be launching its first range at the Great Llangollen Show next weekend.